Was it a really bad idea for Alyssa Milano to pick a fight with James Woods

On Friday evening, the liberal Alyssa Milano took picked a fight with the conservative James Woods through twitter and the whole social media is still gossiping about it.

Woods had posted a tweet on Friday which was critical to a lot of people and culturally inappropriate.

The Heated Arguments

He said that the people on social media are fighting against Christianity, white people and the male toxicity but these are just the uneducated people who have not learned anything by history yet. The history suggests that the majority always wins and anyone who strikes against it, looses.

To which, Alyssa Milano replied in her tweet, targeting James Woods that what he really means is, if you are a minority, you should just “sit down, and shut up.”

These tweets go viral very fast and Woods replied her again in one of her tweets saying that, he does not want to engage in any sort of fight with her as he always has had a soft spot for the disadvantaged people. He also said that he has always been a “fan”.

Fans Reactions

After this statement being made, a lot of people started rooting for Woods and supporting him.

Fans did post a lot of love-filled comments on his post and did not miss any single chance to discourage her spirit.

Nothing has been heard from her since which provoked people even more.

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