Stories of people who lost more than 50 pounds in a few months

So the first person interviewed said that she hid her weighing machine and mirror for the first full month. The reason for doing this is because it helped her focus more on body needs. What the body wants, how much it can take. She said that as she is an impatient person by nature, so she would easily give up on her workouts when she saw that the weight shown by the weighing machine isn’t reducing. So this trick helped her stay up and about and made her workout game strong.

Complete your workout, no matter what!

The second person was a male that was interviewed. So his initial steps started when he was bored, so he decided to put on some running shoes and go out for a run, despite it being hot outside. The sun was scorching hot and he could barely run for 15 seconds. This painful exercise made him want to start the Couch-to-5K program. He was attempting this program the third time. Before this, he would make up some excuses but this time the only goal this person had was to complete the exercise and this is what he suggests to everyone.

Set a hard goal while exercising.

For this person, the first day of diet or which the girl likes to call, lifestyle change, she joined the gym. It was pretty frightening for her in the beginning, it felt like everyone’s eyes were on her, but slowly she came out of that phase and started working out for 20 minutes during the initial days and then more time gradually.

Control your calorie intake:

For this girl, she decided to calculate how much she was taking in her body. It made her come to see that she was eating much more, than hat an average person should be eating. Then she became interested in how many calories each food contain which made her realize the importance of nutrients and what unhealthy food can do.

Remove carbs from your body:

For this person, the removal of carbs like sugar made a mess of her body during the first week. She felt tired, her head started to hurt but the withdrawal effects started to finish. As days went on, her state got better and better. She stopped eating junk and started the day with proteins. She ate salads for lunch and only healthy food like meat or veggies for dinner. She let herself have a cheat meal once every week but that is it.

Walk everywhere:

For this young lady, climbing the stairs would be an issue but after walking, everywhere she lost weight. She stopped taking the car to the office or to lunch. She walked in every little time she had and did so much more. She even attended Zumba classes to lose weight.

Here were some of the stories of people who lost weight, I hope you enjoyed it!

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